Meadowbrook Neurology Group’s award-winning, experienced doctors are devoted to improving the lives of our patients with the highest quality of neurological care and services. Whether you have just been referred to us or already have a diagnosis, we are sensitive your concerns and preferences. Our doctors work with you to develop a tailored treatment plan that you and your family are most comfortable with. And if your condition requires ongoing care, we support you with managing symptoms and adjusting to changes in treatment so that you can feel your best.

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Conditions Treated

All of our doctors are trained to identify and treat any Neurological Condition including all types of movement disorders, cerebrovascular diseases, seizures, sleep disorders, and headaches.
See a list of Treated Conditions.

Diagnostic Testing

Sometimes diagnostic tests like EEG, EMG, and lab screening tests are needed to determine an absolute diagnosis or to reveal the specific details of a condition, in order to target treatment effectively.
Learn about our Diagnostic Tests.

Special Treatments

Many neurological disorders are best treated without the use of prescription medication.  We offer a variety of effective treatment options including deep brain stimulation (DBS), botox injections, and more.
Learn about our Treatment Options

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