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Take an active role in managing your health!
Meadowbrook is proud to announce our online Patient Portal – which empowers our patients to check health records and lab results, manage appointments and prescription refills, and communicate with us easily and securely.

When the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) went into affect, many people became aware of how important it is to have access to their health records.  But now with digital records, reviewing your personal information, past visits, and patient history is much easier – especially if you’re a patient at Meadowbrook Neurology Group.  Our Patient Portal provides instant access to all of this information.  But that’s just the start…

Need to schedule an appointment?
Whether you need to schedule a Transcranial Doppler, an EMG, or just a regular office visit, you can submit an appointment request with your preferred dates and times through our Patient Portal – at any time of the day.  We will respond to your request through your preferred contact method to confirm your scheduling.  Very often, this is faster than calling and leaving a message, especially after business hours.

Running low on a prescription?
View your existing prescriptions, and quickly submit refill requests to your preferred pharmacy for easy pickup.  It takes less than a minute when you use the Patient Portal.  Just select the prescription you wish to refill, select “Refill Request”, select your pharmacy from the drop-down menu, and select “Submit”.

Have questions or concerns for doctors, nurses, or staff members?
Send a message to our office securely and get a prompt response from the person you’re trying to reach.  Your inquiry will be saved and the response will be safely sent through your Patient Portal inbox.

Waiting for diagnostic test/lab results?
In many cases, there’s no need for you to follow up to get your results, and you won’t have to wait for documents to show up in the mail.  If your neurologist or Physician Assistant reviews your lab result and approves it for upload to the Portal, you will receive a notification as soon as results are available to view.  Patients who have already used this feature have told us they love having immediate access to their diagnostics and lab results through the simple online interface.

Need to check your statements?
Current and past statements can be viewed from the Patient Portal.  Online payment is not yet available, but we are looking forward to making this feature available soon.  Check back regularly for updates as things develop.

We hope all of our patients will log in now and see how useful this service is.  In addition to the ease of access, instant availability of data, and quick response time, submitting requests and viewing your information digitally eliminates the possibility of human error.

How to Sign in to the Patient Portal:
If you’re a patient with Meadowbrook Neurology Group and have supplied us with your email address, you already have an account!  Request your initial login information by emailing us at Antonina.Talarico@jefferson.edu or calling (215) 938-7730, extension #1112.

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