New Office at St. Mary Medical Center!

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Saint Marys Campus map.

Meadowbrook Neurology Group is proud to announce our new partnership with St. Mary Medical Center – a very well-respected hospital with one of the most comprehensive and sophisticated neurosciences centers in the region.  We will be providing an array of neurological services, including EMG (Electromyogram) tests at this new location.

More Convenience for Many Patients

In addition to providing follow-up neurological services for the hospital’s patients, most of our physicians will now be available to see current patients at this new office by appointment.  Our electronic medical records can be accessed from all of our offices, so our patients will continue to have consistent, hassle-free, well-documented care at any location they choose.

St. Mary is conveniently located, especially for our patients who live or work in the lower Bucks County area.  Situated at 1201 Newtown-Langhorne Road, the hospital is easy to reach from major freeways, and parking is free for patients.  Here are printable directions from our other offices and major freeways.

We carefully selected our new office to ensure easy access for patients with limited mobility.  It is close to the elevator on the 2nd floor of the original Medical Office Building, recently named the Franciscan Medical Building.  St. Mary has another, newly constructed Medical Office Building called the St. Clare Medical Office Building, but the Franciscan Medical Office Building is the first building encountered when approaching from the main parking lot.

Our Physicians at the New Office

Dr. Shpigel will practice in-hospital as the Neuro-Hospitalist at St. Mary throughout the week, and will be on-call for the St. Mary stroke team.  Other physicians will be in-office on a rotating schedule, and on-call nights and weekends for the stroke team. Dr. Natter will be practicing in the new office 2 days per week, and Dr. Khoury and Dr. Kubersky will see patients in the new office 1 day per week.  Physician Assistants Claire Austin MSPA-C, MSCS and Vicki Boruta, PA-C will be in-office at St. Mary on Thursdays and Fridays.

To schedule an appointment with any of these neurologists at St. Mary, simply call the main line, 215-938-7730, and request the office at St. Mary for your visit.

Our Warminster Office Closes Soon

With the opening of our new office at St. Mary will come the closing of our old office at 225 Newtown Road in Warminster, at the end of this month.  While we wish we could continue to offer services at the Warminster Campus location, our Byberry office at 3501 Masons Mill Road, Suite 502 is just a quick 5-minute drive away.  We hope that the addition of our new St. Mary office will help offset the additional influx to our Byberry office due to this necessary office closure.

If you have an appointment scheduled at the Warminster office for anytime after June 30, 2013, please expect a phone call from us to reschedule at a different office. 

We Value Your Opinion of Us!

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We work very hard to make your experience with us as positive and comfortable as possible. If you are
pleased with your experience in our practice, please rate us online.

Below are a few websites where you can rate your physician.


Angie’s List


If you are not completely pleased with your experience, we encourage you to tell us about it before
posting a negative review online. Often, we can rectify problems or misunderstandings. You may speak
to your physician directly or call our Practice Administrator, Sherry DiDomenico, at 215-938-7730,
extension #1124. If you prefer, you may send an email to

What to bring to your first appointment:

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Please bring the following with you to your first appointment:                                   (printable pdf)

  • Picture ID – We are required by law to verify your identity. The intent of this law is to protect you from identity theft.
  • Insurance ID card
  • List of your current medications, including all vitamins and nutritional supplements
  • Any recent testing you have had related to the condition for which you are being treated in our practice. Please bring both films/CDs and reports for any radiological testing you have had.


Be sure to bring these to each follow-up appointment:

  • Picture ID
  • Insurance ID card
  • Updated list of your current medications
  • Any test results that are pertinent to your condition that were ordered by other physicians and performed since you were last seen in our office.


If any of the information mentioned above is missing, your appointment and your treatment may be delayed, and your appointment may be rescheduled.

If you would like to complete your new patient paperwork in advance to bring with you to your appointment, printable pdfs of all New Patient Forms are available here.

Prescription Policies

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All patients must agree to the following Prescription Medication and Refill Policy in which they:

  • Will keep all appointments as recommended.
  • Agree to allow 24-48 hours for prescription refills.
  • Understand that prescription refills requested after 3:00 p.m. may not be seen until the next working day.
  • Understand that a follow-up visit may be required from their physician in order to obtain a refill.
  • Agree to take all medication exactly as instructed and should not change the dosage amounts or scheduled time to take the medication without first speaking to their physician.
  • Understand that pain medications will not be phoned in after-hours or on weekends.
  • Understand that MNG will not refill prescriptions that have been lost, stolen or otherwise misplaced.
  • Will not combine any narcotic medication with the consumption of alcohol.
  • Understand that they may be terminated from the practice with 30 days notice for noncompliance in the taking of their medications.
  • Are aware that they will be terminated from the practice immediately if they:
      • Obtain narcotics from any other physician while under our care.
      • Give, trade or sell medications to others.
      • Alter or forge a prescription (this is a felony and will be reported)
  • Understand that the physician may refuse to prescribe pain medication if the patient does not agree to these terms.


Prescription Refill Procedure

If you require a refill for your prescription before your next scheduled appointment, please call your pharmacy and they will send a refill request directly to us. Our fax number is 215-938-7125.

Notice of Charge for Completion of Forms

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We require payment for the completion of forms you ask us to complete on your behalf. We receive many requests for completion of forms. This task requires extra work, time and financial resources in excess of what is normally needed for patient care and to complete the medical record.

We will make every effort to complete forms within 5 business days; however, we cannot make any assurance of completion within your time frame(s).

Payment is required prior to completion of the form(s). We accept cash, checks and credit cards.

A base charge of $25.00 applies to completion of the following forms:

  • Disability insurance forms;
  • Loan payment forms;
  • Credit insurance forms;
  • Other insurance policy forms;
  • Unemployment Insurance forms;
  • Family Medical Leave Act forms.


An add-on charge of $20.00 more applies to the completion of the above forms if completion is required in 24 hours or less.

If a form exceeds 3 page sides, an additional charge of $5.00 per side of page will apply.

Forms which require comprehensive review of patient records, analysis and a detailed response may be charged a higher fee. We will inform you of these charges at the time the services are requested.

Workers Compensation forms will be completed at no charge to the patient.


  • Please submit your request for completion of forms well in advance of when they are needed. We will attempt to complete the forms as quickly as possible however, in order to properly address them we need adequate time to review your records.
  • Please make sure that all of your information is completed on the form before you give it to us.
  • Do not complete the section(s) of the form that are required to be completed by our office.
  • Please provide a stamped, addressed envelope to expedite mailing of completed forms.
  • Checks should be made payable to:  Meadowbrook Neurology Group, P.C.


Insurances Accepted by MNG

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We understand how important it is to know that your insurance will cover your neurology visit, so we have made it easy to verify that your insurance is accepted by listing major insurances that we accept here on our website.

Meadowbrook Neurology Group currently accepts the following Insurance Providers:

Aetna Open Access Select
Amerihealth PA & NJ
Bravo Elder Health – Medicare/Classic
Bravo Elder Health Achieve
Erickson Evercare
Health America/Health Assurance/Devon PPO
Horizon PPO
Independence Administrators
KHP – East
KHP – Chip Program
KHP 65 Medicare
Pennsylvania Blue Shield
PA Blue Shield Personal Choice
PA Blue Shield FEP
Tricare Region One for Life
United Healthcare – Golden Rule
United Healthcare Oxford

We may be able to accept your insurance even if it is not listed here.  To confirm if your insurance is accepted, please call our main office at 215-938-7730.

If you are currently being treated through Meadowbrook Neurology Group, and your insurance changes, please be sure to let us know before your appointment so that we can confirm your new coverage and bill the correct policy to avoid potential billing problems.  This will help us continue to provide the high quality, easy and hassle-free service you are used to at Meadowbrook Neurology Group!

Useful Resources

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The internet is filled with information about neurological conditions of all kinds, but not all sources are up-to-date, and many may not be reliable. For the most relevant information about your condition, it is always best to speak with your Neurologist. If youd like to make an appointment or talk with your Neurologist on the phone, call our office at 215-938-7730.

If you wish to learn more about symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatments, and research related to neurological conditions, here are some websites we recommend:

The American Academy of Neurology - The AAN provides a comprehensive listing of neurological disorders, basic information and links to more resources.

The Mayo Clinic The Mayo Clinic is trusted source of general information about many health concerns and diseases.

Also see our Conditions page for additional links to specific organizations that are focused on individual conditions.

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